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Ben Evens Social Club

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Ben Evans Social Club

Vera Gustafsson 1980, Sasha Waltå 1985, Sara Kaaman 1983, Nanna Britta Nordström 1981, Stockholm, Sweden.


First art sound work: Min mödomshinna en two-step bakom pizzerian (Jag vill tro på Jungs synkroniserade möten) / My maidenhead a two-step behind the pizza store (I would like to believe in the synchronized meetings of Jung) Mejeriet, Lund, 2005.


The collective Ben Evans Social Club was formed in 2005 when we attended the art school Österlenskolan in Simrishamn.


Ben Evans Social Club believes in collective writing. Ben Evans Social Club believes in collective performances.


By using the diversity of our voices, sounds and bodies we want to express the constant flow of thoughts and emotions running trough our minds.


In our projects we work with different methods of collective writing and talk-sound-performance-poetry.

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