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Camille Norment

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Camille Norment

B. 1970 in Silver Spring, Maryland. Lived in New York City for 12 years, relocated to Europe in 2004.

Masters Degrees in Fine Arts and in Interactive Telecommunications. Currently Professor of Art and Technology at Malmö University’s School of Art, Culture, and Communication in Sweden while managing studio production in Oslo, Norway and Malmö, Sweden.


Norment works in the field of fine art and interaction design. Her cross-media work is occupied with the way the body is inscribed and reinscribed with meaning through its use of, and its negotiation with its surroundings. It engages the viewer in the work through its negotiations with architectural, optical illusory, sonic, and technically interactive environments and objects. With emphasis on manipulating the visual and sonic perceptual realms, she often evokes the uncanny through her manipulation of common experiences such as looking in the mirror and not seeing a reflection, or presents sensual experiences that seek to treat the entire body as a sensory organ, such as sound that can be felt by the body rather than heard by the ears.


Scientific research, city planning, interaction design, architecture, sound synthesis and production, and mobile computing are some examples of Norment’s activities.




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