Carin Lundhquist

Carin Lundhquist

Sweden, b. 1955.

Stockholm University: Sociology, Musicology, Pedagogy, 1976-1987

Fylkingen/Birkagårdens folkhögskola: New Music, 1983-1984

Svenska Artist och Musikerskolan, 1977-1979

Grant: STIM, 1994

Song studies for Dorothy Dorow, Kerstin Ståhl, Majbritt Lannfjäll

First sound work: Isvagga, 1980.


My fascination in vocal soundmaking was early realised in a tape composition for voice and percussion. It all started in 1979 when working with pianist Per Henrik Wallin. I met Joan la Barbara and then went to Amsterdam to study for Dorothy Dorow. In musicology I explored Extended vocal techniques as a crossover phenomena, from rock and jazz to contemporary music.

I participated in works by Thomas Jennefelt (Modern Museum, Sthlm) and Susanne Valentin (Music dramatic group, SR). In 1982 I started the free form duo Cajlas with Lasse Jonsson (perc) and performed at the Spräck festival, Sthlm.

After a long break I co-produced/performed with the cabaret group Franska kort before writing music again, this time with computer aid. I recorded the demo Månstråle which gave me a large STIM grant. I then produced the record Carin & Inblanco which was played at SR,1996. In 1997 I started the group Grape, a duo with Magnus Frenning, drummer and composer of electro acoustic music.

In Grape I develop my own blend of choir and odd instruments. With aid of Magnus Frenning, who develops my rythmical ideas, the songs are framed within a suggestive groove. In 2005 we started performing live again after a break.


Grape is a computer supported duo with myself (vo/git/programming) and Magnus Frenning (dr/programming). Music, arrangements and lyrics by me. Muscially it reaches from electrosoul to worldfusion with poetical lyrics in Swedish and english. We started in 1997 with a website and a few gigs. Mosaico Radio/Sao Paolo, Brasil played 4 songs and made a feature on us. Since 2005 we are appearing live on stage again. Listen to webbradio etc. on


Carin Lundhquist