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Carin Malmlöf-Forssling

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Carin Malmlöf-Forssling

Sweden, b. 1916 in Gävle, died 2005.

Graduated as organist and choir director in Uppsala in 1937. Studies in counterpoint 1938-1940, composition 1941-1943 Royal Academy of Music in Stockholm. Graduated as a music teacher in 1942. Piano and composition studies in Paris, 1957.


Carin Malmlöf-Forssling was a composer and organist. Some important compositions are Ceremonial Prelude 1937 for organ, the chamber music works Sonata Svickel 1964 for solo flute and Orizzonte 1981 for solo horn. In the work Revival for strings 1976 she used graphic symbols as notation. She was represented at Svensk Musikvår 1976, 1982 and 1987 and at the Nordic Music Days, Reykjavik 1976.


Malmlöf-Forssling was a member of the Society of Swedish Composers. She received a lot of prizes and grants, e.g. scholarships from the Royal Swedish Academy of Music, grants from the Arts Grants Committee in Stockholm, and a scholarship from the Swedish Composers’ Society.


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