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Content and structure of your presentation

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Text for the ARCHIVE

We encourage you to follow the advise below on how to write your presentation, in English. It's a good idea writing the text before editing it into the Archive.

Your Archive page can't publish sound files, both out of the reason of copyrights and because a wiki still doesn't support sound files.


Your name

will be the name of your page, and the easiest way to be found.


Part from your name you should write a

Short text

to put by your name in the lists under a Nordic contry and at the cathegories you'll choose.

Length: maximum 15 words.

A searcher who finds this short text interesting will then choose to go to next level, where a full text and other material is found.


Full text

Length: maximum 2000 characters (with spaces).

Content in the full text:

Your name

Contact details

Country (born in, living in, working in)

Year of birth

First sound art work (title, year)


Background (e.g. education)

Describe your own work and projects



Images (optional):

Resolution: 72 dpi

Size: About 400x300 px


Links (Optional)


Three categories

Used for searching in the archive. Look into the list of INTUITIVE SEARCH at the base of that page is also the Alphabetical search to be found.

Choose three categories you want to be found by. Put your name + short text there later on.


After preparing your text and images go to How to edit your presentation

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