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Birgitte Alsted Fascination with sound, transformation, combination, relations, espressivo, suggestive, atmosphere, imaginative textures, multimedia, film through ears, organic, gestural

Gry Bagøien Emotional. Experimental. Simple. Deep. Swinging. Sweet. Artpop.

Marianne Bramsen

Andrea Creutz (& Lise Skou)

Vivi Christensen Visual artist working with words and music

Nanna Debois Buhl "By letting different voices and viewpoints meet, my projects explore relations between national identity, gender, language, space and urban structures"

Solvej Dufour Andersen Sound artist, minimalistic poetic and subttle sound installations, playing with our perception of the real.

Nina Björk Elíasson Vocal artist, improvisator, composer. Phosphorous Sincerely (2006). The reviews went from torture to masterfully done



Tamar Guimarães works with scripted voice-overs and environmental

sound, and this reflects longstanding influences from film and literature.

Molly Haslund "A new instrument every day false and out of tune collectively even better"

High Heel Sisters (Karianne Stensland, Line S Karlström, Malin Arnell, Anna Linder)

Kirsten Justesen



Eva Koch Works with installation, video and sound in both gallery and outdoor/public spaces

Tine Louise Kortermand Visual artist combines sound, video, installation and live performances. Themes: female identity and modern living

Ann Lislegaard

Astrid Lomholt

Lyttelab A sound art duo created by Johanna Thorning and Anne Marqvardsen

Anne Marqvardsen (see Lyttelab)

Heidi Mortenson A One Woman Band, an enlightend show woman wired to tomboytronica and electrosoul dirtyrocking nutechpop.

Ursula Nistrup Conceptual artist working though non-tangible materials such as sound, architecture, process, installation, drawing, text and model structures

Ellen Nyman

Seimi Nørregaard



Else Marie Pade Danish electro-acustic composer, pioneer born 1924. Her piece Syv cirkler was the first Danish electro-acustic piece ever conducted in Denmark.

Karen Pedersen

Sissel Vera Pettersen voice / saxophones / electronics / composer / improviser / performer

Randi Pontoppidan Singer/composer/improviser/electronics. Exploring musical landscapes and bringing forth new sounds with her voice

Ellen Birgitte Rasmussen Mixes acoustic flamenco guitar, footwork and singing with real sound played or changed on computer

Katrine Ring DJ, music critic and commentator. Jazz and electronica, clubbing, artspaces and fun!

Tanja Stasia Schlander Lives and works in urban places. Dealing with streetnoises and snapshot recordings of everydaylife

Marika Seidler

Lise Skou (& Andrea Creutz)

Laila Skovmand Stands out with her orchestra Laila & Symfobia and her experimental voice improvisations

Åsa Sonjasdotter Out of a given site or situation, she creates a framework or a set of conditions for an initiation of processes for thought and action

Kirstine Stubbe Teglbjærg Electro-acustic composer, singer, songwriter

Johanna Thorning (see Lyttelab)

Line Tjørnhøj Composer, soundartist, performer. Specialist in ”extended vocal techniques”, interstillicstic, interdisciplinary performance



Stephanie Wisting Wrenching my larynx for source material and hunting the perfect software setup

Ane Østergaard

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