Welcome to LARM’s Archive!


This Archive contains all of the Nordic artists, composers, musicians and performers who either work or have worked with sound and that we have come into contact with during our survey. The survey also include people born outside the Nordic countries who are active in one of the Nordic countries as well as former residents who are now based in other countries. If you like to know more of the background of the Larm project please visit


The Archive is updateable and is intended to function as an accessible forum for creating contacts. The Archive is open to more artists and performers, all of you who use sound in your work.

Welcome to join by presenting your work!


The Archive is arranged alphabetically and country-wise. It offers presentations in which the artists describe what they do in their own words, unless otherwise indicated. Here you will also find contact details for the performers and artists as well as links to their own web sites and other relevant web sites. How to edit your presentation


There is also a more intuitive search trough categories, words that are invented by the artists.