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Gry Ulrichsen

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Gry O. Ulrichsen

Norway, b. 1973 in Bodø. Lives in Trondheim.

Art Academy in Trondheim and Helsinki 1995-99. Works in Trondheim as an artist and teacher.

First sound artwork: New Meaning Radio, 2004


I would love to change!” (2006, produced by NRK, Ulyd, and presented at Norwegian Broadcasts Radio website) How much tea can a previous hardcore feminist serve? Can a daughter of a communist, raised with an atheistic conviction get closer to God? How much can you change before you lose your integrity? You may find some of the answers to these questions in this 10 minutes long sound collage. It includes excerpts from a letter exchange between two young ethnic Norwegian women – each marrying a Muslim immigrant. You can follow a couple visiting the parent-in-laws. Small animations can also bee seen.

I would love to change!” creates a space where the relations between different cultural identities come into play. It is about the internal division and tumult initiated by the meeting with “the other”, but also about the opportunities of change and development within this meeting. The work reflects the different levels in this metamorphosis, both on public and personal levels.

I would love to change!” is presented at Norwegian Broadcasts Radio website: http://www.nrk.no/magasin/ulyd/5650518.html


Since 2001 Ulrichsen has mainly been working with New Meaning, a forum that aims to give young people with intercultural backgrounds a voice in the public sphere.









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