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Gunilla Leander

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Gunilla Leander

Born in Sweden. Operates in Sweden and internationally with installations, video, sound and inter-media.

First independent sound art work was Primates 1997.


Visual artist. Starting as a painter I continued fairly soon out in the room with installations. I have always seen sound as something essential in my work, interested in how to build up the room and spaces with it. I have used sound in many of my exhibitions but usually as a complement to the visual parts. For example a heartbeat in my work Blue Bodies where people walked in a field of blue body parts and videos from childhood to ageing. Or a flowers reaction on threat in my work ”eco defence research” which was an electronic crackle that was accentuated when the flower was threatened.


At a time sound was the central of my work. I was interested in its meaning for our experiences and reactions. How it more easy pass our defences and touch us on a deeper level. This resulted in my exhibit Primates Society in 1997, an exhibition entirely built up on sound. The exhibition started at the entrance of the Museum where you from an open window could hear a man and a woman viciously quarreling. This quarrel was presented as a separate work on CD in 1998. Other independent sound art works are Man Hunt 2003 and Relaxation News 2004.


I have cooperated with other artists, actors and composers several times.






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