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Women in transitionRomance Absence Vocal Piece Soundscape Design Collective Recorded Acoustic funk Time and the Perishable, Closely Connected to the Concepts of Nature and Culture Feminism Experimental Singer Sounds and Texts Transformation Over Time Electronica Queen Producer - Curator Countryside Electronic Narrative Absurd Mood-swings Spatialisation Humour Repetition Political Site Specific Paranoia Live Performances the group DK Time Based Art Ontology Voice Creatures Critic Soundtrack Composer Industrial (Disco) Photo and Moving Images Fylkingen Time Based Art Commonsence Tortoise Soundspace Acoustic Identity Radio Waves Soundscape Design Improvisation Violence Pink Installation Electro-acoustic Music Walk Fireworks Grassroots Sound ArtMamma Knota Interaction Memory Dramatized Reality Power Structures Writer Music Field Recordings OPUS 96 Sound-activism Projects Alternative Jazz Contradictories A Clown EMS Jazz Media Art Low Technology Vocal Artist Private and Collective Memory Relations Voice Meditation: Instrument for One’s True Self Spatial Noise Performance Vocals Failure Opera Sound Design Rhythm and Precision Soundspace Read Text Percussion Sound Paintings Living Space Locative Media Soundtrack Composer Animation (Household) Noise Contemporary Site Specific Installations Network Junkie Beatbox Performance Based Video Art and Music Angry Women Place Specific Sound Installation Sound Cover Versions Artist Placed Combination Exchange Subjectivity Dancer Economics Public Space Composer Musician Multimedia Singer Drawing Kids Choreographer Language Instrumental Music Environment Collection of Stories Recorded in Different Cities Rock Tinker Intercultural Female Identity Household Electronica Escalator Participatory Art Mimesis Chamber Music Physicality Radio Collaboration Text Documented Interventions Relational Time and Space Drums Sculpture Conceptual Real-time Processing Accordion Rhythm-therapist Orchestra Painting Surround History Poetry Social Structures Material Music Road Movie Awareness Paranoia Bathtub Melody Concrete Art Nature Unexpected Text-sound Composition Time Collage Architecture Psychedelia Elektonica Breath Director Visual Element Documentary Live-electronics Video Sound-net Water Breathing CD- and Cassette Radio Works Cellist Acousmatic Music Fiction Navigation (Cartography) Web Low-tec Classical Music Spatial Sculptural Objects Cuddle Girls Visual Art Industrial Cultural - Identity Transformation Over Time Parrot File Not Found Interaction Design Live-sessions Force Beyond Concepts DJ Non-linearity (Kitchen) Power Electronics Opera Personal Stories Told by a Voice-over Complementarity Media Activism Songs Audiovisual, Live Cinema Storytelling Streaming Exile DIY Improv Viewer Text - Lyrics Sound From Space Art Body Image Speech Dance Improvisation Longing Sound Showers Dark Ambient Wireless Sound Objects Interviews – Video Portraits Experimental Tarot Power Writing Transmission of Sounds Crossover Sound-video-music-performance art Flamencotronic Awareness Paranoia Bathtub Concrete Art Blindfilm Urban Love Cello Vibradisc Interdisciplinary Gender Label Owner Landscape Vibrations Female Integrity Filtered Laptop Do it yourself Sound Poet Game Illusion Daily Life Soundtrack Islam Women Pilots Potato Sound - Room BuildingSound installation



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