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Karolina Holmlund

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Karolina Holmlund

Sweden, b. 1970.

Royal college of fine arts in Stockholm.

First sound art work: Dogs barking 1999.


Karolina Holmlund, has done 2 sound art works: Dogs barking (1999) and blod är tjockare än vatten (blood is thicker than water) (2006). Both has to do with the landskap of her home village. A small village in the north with a population of 350 persons.


Holmlund works with a form of 3-D installation-paintings. With Det viljelösa projektet (the Lethargic prodject) she examines the relation between passivity and activity and free will by letting others decide what she paints. In this manner she challenges the modernist conception of the artist as alone genius and forms connections with art history ; and at the same time she investigates ideological ideals of freedom and human relationships.




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