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Linda Tedsdotter

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Linda Tedsdotter

Sweden, b. 1975.

96-01 Valand School of fine Arts, MFA, Gothenburg University, Sweden.

00 Exchange student, San Francisco Art Institute, USA.

94-96 Foundation School, Art Department, Munka Ljungby, Sweden

First sound art work: Therapy 2001, 2001.


Linda Tedsdotter works with things and ideas like absence and presence, simple forms as the cube and pyramid, and gives them obvious titles such as Inside Outside, Periscope or Tower. In her often monumental sculptures there are no problems in material, new technology or ideas that are to big not be -solved by her. The audience is being drawn into strange and new but obvious things, such as that there has always been a nine meter high tower in the centre of the entrance to the art museum in Gothenburg, or that a few years later there has always been a huge pyramid that fills the large room in the same art museum. Linda is often enhancing the perceptions of the audience, like the sudden absence of the sounds made by people walking the stairs in the art piece Missing Steps. And it is as simple as that, and at the same time very clever. Linda creates a non-complicated art that stands on a very complex cleverness, no more no less. In the world of Linda Tedsdotter there is no such thing as: not possible.

/(text by Fredric Gunve)



99 Konstakuten, Homeless, Stockholm, Sweden

Collaboration with Dorota Lukianska





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