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Lise Skou

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Lise Skou (and Andrea Creutz)

Skou b. 1966 in Denmark, living in DK

Creutz b. 1970 in Sweden, living in Copenhagen

Graduated from The Royal Danish Academy of Fine Arts, Copenhagen 2000 and The Funen Academy of Fine Arts, Odense, Denmark 2004, respectively.


In 2003, when participating in The Whitney Museum of American Art Independent Study Program in New York, visual artists Creutz and Skou started collaborating on a series of sound-, video-, and text-based installations. They used their own as well as other people’s experiences of being exposed to increasing control and surveillance. Since then, they have produced several projects, which deal with authorities’ and media’s construction of paranoia, Otherness, and myths of cultural superiority and inferiority.


With installations and sound narrations, they have participated in group exhibitions such as: Spheres of Valency (Galéria Jána Koniarka, Trnava, Slovakia, 2003) and Ideologia II - Nordic Biennale (Gothenburg, Sweden, 2003). In May 2006, their second solo show, Story Space on Gift Economies, opened at Casco ? office for art, design and theory, Utrecht, NL.

In their interdisciplinary practice, they address economical, political, social, and cultural questions, acknowledging that contemporary art and critical reflection make up a coherent area of meaning.


The Swop Network Project is a project initiated by AC and LS in 2003 (www.swopnework.dk). This is a platform for production and dissemination of materials and ideas surrounding contemporary political, economic and social debate.

One of the main part of this project is building up different sound archives trying to map local initiatives and counter strategies in opposition to the hegemony of western capitalism.


Story Space on Gift Economies, is an example of a project involving a audio archive.

May 13 we began compiling an archive of stories from self-organized groups in Utrecht that are working with alternative economic systems, such as gift economies and models of free distribution.

The archive is structured as a relay. We asked people we interviewed to propose whom we should interview next. Further we asked them what questions to pose this suggested group/person. The structure in itself aims to illustrate resistance to profitable systems, in the sense that it supports network building, is anti-hierarchical, distributed equally and without copyright.

The archive contains interviews made and documentation of events that took place in relation to these interviews.


Story Space on Gift Economies takes shape of a program of 1) Digital Story Space - a collaborative discussion forum 2) Interview Archive- interviews made with people engaged in gift economies, 3) Gratis - The Free Paper - contains extracts from the 'Story Space'. Distributed 6 June, 4) Gleaning Tour and Food Evening - event at CASCO

6 June.















From Women in Transition

- a sound and video installation by Lise Skou,

Vienna 2005. At Her Position in Transition.


Image from Psychological Operations, 2004. DK

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