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Liv Strand

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Liv Strand

Sweden, b. 1971. Stockholm.

MA 1999 from The Royal University College of Fine Arts, Stockholm.

Studied 1994/95 at The Art Academy in Trondheim, Norway.

Member of Fylkingen in Stockholm, working at EMS studios (Electro acoustic music in Sweden).

One of the initiators of LARM.


First sound piece: 1995

Her first sound piece was a sound installation with eight loudspeakers hanging in a corridor, each with its specific recorded sound from human activities, such as sleeping, combing ones hair, brushing ones teeth or taking a shower. All together it sounded like a zoo, quite wet, and the listeners could sneak up close to each loudspeaker to separate the sounds from one another. It was a one-day project 1995 at The Art Academy in Trondheim, Norway.


Liv Strand works artistically in various techniques and materials, for example with mechanical sculpture where sound is a product of movements, and with sound installations and radio programs, like Hold it where she interviews some persons about an unidentified object.

Her art often has some spatial aspect.


Pipeline, 2005, is a video piece that brings the viewer on a uncharted journey through a pneumatic pipeline system. A capsule was modified to transport the video camera in order to capture the movement and sound of the capsule, as it navigates through the system. The sound recorded in the video is the sound of movement, sonically inhaling and exhaling in a sequence of frozen pauses and explosive movements. Pipeline is a field recording by video camera that hover through a closed infrastructure (unseen until now).

The pneumatic pipeline system runs by more than ten kilometer through the Karolinska University Hospital, Stockholm. Pipeline is one part of a permanent video installation at the Karolinska University Hospital.








En nervös skulptur, 1997

Stills from Pipeline, 2005

Room, 2002. Sound installation for 4 headphones at Østfold Kunstnersenter, Fredrikstad, Norway

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