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Lotta Melin

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Lotta Melin

Sweden , b. 1961.

Balettakademiens yrkeslinje 1979-82.

The Cunningham Studio, NYC 1983.

Modern dance and contact improvisation 1983-99.

First sound art work: Audiodance I, Ystad Konstmuseum, “Kulturbro 2000”.


Lotta Melin is since 1995 internationally (in USA, Asia and Europe) established as one of the most active dance improvisers (“instant choreographer”) in her collaborations with musicians and composers. Another focus is on choreographing and setting up spectacular performance pieces, often in collaboration with visual artists or sound artists. Melin currently works with live-electronic sounds, trigged by the dancers movements.


Involved in collaborations, e.g. the trio AGRARE with Maja Solveig Kjelstrup Ratkje and Hild Sofie Tafjord. Choreographer and solo dancer in Die Audio Gruppe/ Benoit Maubrey 2000-2003.


Other collaborations

Choreographers: Gunilla Heillborn, Ingo Reuleke GER.

Music: Kim Gordon USA, Ikue Mori USA, Yoshimi JAP, Otomo Yoshihidi JAP, Barry Guy GB, Maya Homburger SUI, SPUNK NO, Fe-mail NO,Ken Vandemark,Sten sandell,Jacob Riis ao.

Audio art: Christina Kubisch GER, Daniel Skoglund,Tom Bugs GB,Benoit Maubrey GER

Performance Art: Leif Elggren, Mats Flink, Charlotte Engelkes, Jaap Blonk NED.

Live video: Fredrik Olofsson SW, Kathy Hinde UK, Gisle Fröysland NO.


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