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Marianne Decoster-Taivalkoski

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Marianne Decoster-Taivalkoski

B. 1969 in France in, lives in Helsinki.

Cinema and audiovisual studies, modern mime, and new media art and studies (MA at the Medialab of the University of Art and Design Helsinki 2001-2003).

First sound art work: Aquatic (2003), presented in Helsinki and at festivals in Europe.


For the time being I work with the creation of multisensorial experiences in interactive sonic environments. They are installations, empty spaces sensing and reacting to motion. The interactive soundscapes are designed as the real-time feedback of visitors’ movement. I look for correspondences between the expressive value of the movements and the physical and semantic qualities of sound events. I give the main role to the imagination of the visitor to play with kinaesthetic sensations and sound images and to build a feeling of immersion in an imagined surrounding.


Working with sounds I wish to use a poetic aesthetic that exploits relationships between various fields of perceptions. My aim is to stimulate the visitors / listeners to produce their own mental images. Through this aesthetic and the structure of the interaction they are invited to adopt a playfull and creative attitude.


I like working with an experimental approach exploring different directions for my work, making it a continuously evolving project over many years. The feedback collected from the visitors of my installations from early on helps me to make choices and decisions in the interaction and sound design process.


Together with a performance and movement artist I am currently exploring the performative aspects that such installations provide. One focus of our work is to study how to make accessible for the audience the experience of interaction that the performer can feel.



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