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Marie Wennersten

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Marie Wennersten

Born in Stockholm 1968

Currently working at the Radio Drama Dept. at Swedish Radio


First sound art work: Sound installation at Now here! Historiska muséet, 1998


In 2001, she started the web based project SR c, radio for art and ideas: http://www.sr.se/src for which she was the artistic leader for 5 years.


Started making community radio at age 15. Studies of Film and Cultural history at Stockholm University. Graduated from Dramatiska Institutet, majoring Radio in 1993. Art and Digital Media at Royal College of Art, Stockholm 2003-2004. All the time, maker of radio as freelance. As the producer of the weekly Filosofiska rummet/ The Philosophical Room at Swedish Radio she could explore favourite topics such as consciousness and the Ugly.


In 2006 Marie made a non-linear story together with Mark McLaren for the Norwegian Radio Ulyd and PNEK, Produksjonsnettverk for elektronisk kunst, about her Estonian grandmother: http://ulyd.bek.no/hotel/


She is one of the contributors to the anthology Radio Territories, edited by Brandon LaBelle and Erik Granly Jensen, Errant Bodies Press 2007. Marie has taken courses at the Electroacoustic Music Studio EMS in Stockholm, but currently prefers to play the accordion. Starting a choir that will sing works by Meredith Monk only, -if interested, come join! marie.wennersten@sr.se

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