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Marja-leena Sillanpää

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Marja-leena Sillanpää

B. 1965 in Björneborg Finland. Lives/works in Stock-holm.

Royal Academy of Fine Art, Stockholm (1999-2004).

Nordic Artschool, Kokkola (1998).

First sound piece: we are not dead! 2004.



The titles of some work of mine will give you a picture of how I work:


”see you on the ground floor” (vi ses på bottenplan), Röda Sten in Gothenburg 2006

”everyone lives everyone dies” (alla lever alla dör), Södertälje konsthall 2006

”sometimes we come home” (ibland kommer vi hem), bygdegård in Tystberga 2005

”some lives and some dies” (några lever o några dör), Infra Business Center in Upplands Väsby 2005

”rest in peace” (vila i fred), Breanäs sculpture park in Skåne 2005

”all of sudden you are dead” (hux flux så är man dö), Galleri Mejan in Stockholm 2004

”searching for mum” (letar efter mamma), Kulturhuset in Stockholm 2004

”what is important in your life? that question are important in my life” (vad är viktigt i ditt liv? just den frågan är viktig i mitt liv), Konstakademien in Stockholm 2003


Nowadays (these days) I work mostly with sound. I try to find new ways to read and listen to my texts in a cd-book. Music made by Mattias Åkerfeldt, Jerker Andersson & Patrik Boman is coming next year!





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