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My Lindh

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My Lindh

Sweden, b. 1972 in Eskilstuna. Lives in Stockholm.

2001-2004 MA at Konstfack University College of Arts Crafts and Design, Fine Art Department, Stockholm. 1999-2001 Valand Art Academy, Fine Art Department, Gothenburg.

1998-1999 Nordic Art School, Karleby, FI.

1995-1997 Idun Lovén Art School, Painting Department, Stockholm.

1994-1995 Foundation Art Course, Folkuniversitetet, Gothenburg.

First sound art work: Familiar Stranger, 2005.


In my work I have been examining the subjective experience and how it can be shared. I am interested in unaware knowledge and the presence of that which is not in the open, such as secrets, oppressed feelings and underlying ambiences. Considering the concept of “reality” as a matter of interpretation and mediation, I have been interested in those as an empowering means. For example, refusal of defining “truth” can be seen as a kind of subversive act.


My work often relates to a specific situation or site in the form of audio, video, performance or installation. My aim is to involve the viewer in a mental, emotional and physical way to make her or him become an active participant of the work.

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