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Pia Lindy

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Pia Lindy

Finland, b. 1968.

Graduated from AHK/the School for New dance Development in Amsterdam in 1995.

First sound art work: Just slightly here, 1995.


Lindy has produced various solo pieces and projects in Finland and abroad, worked in cooperation with artists of different fields as well as being a member of several committees organising festivals and events. She has also written dance/improvisation-related articles and taught at several art schools. Her focus is strongly on improvisation. The Finnish State Arts Council for dance awarded Lindy a 3 year-grant for the years 2005-2007.


Own work/projects

In the intensive solo performances based on dancing and talking I am taking up issues and questions dealing with being in the world and a member of a society. How do circumstances, specialists and chance shape our understanding of reality, justice, corporality or love? What is not said or done and what is repeated? In the acts and tones of movement, words and dance the humanness reveals itself as splashes of narratives and personal rituals against powerlessness and concealing.


My relationship to sound comes mostly by using my own voice and talking in performances. I donĀ“t use music that much but more the idea that talking is the music and the other sounds produced during the performance (moving, breathing, the place etc.)

In 2003 I started to shout in the solos and the performances have grown to be participatory sometimes. As a woman living in this society I have a strong feeling of women still being hushed down by different ways.. I think myself as a performer that can be ugly, noisy, demanding and funny and the use of voice plays a strong part in it.



Pia Lindy and Sini Haapalinna have worked together extensively and in 2002 they created the concept 3rd SideĀ“Specific with which they build - in collaboration with artists from various fields- improvisational performances, events and workshops based on pluralism and contemplation about art, society and environment.



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