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Siri Austeen

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Siri Austeen Siri Austeen

Norway, b. 1961, lives and works in Oslo.

Austeen works as an artist and performer.

Studied at Academy of Fine Art, Trondheim 1981-85.

Academy of Fine Art, Bologna, Italy 1984

Accademie of Fine Arts, Prague, Czech Republic 1992-93

First sound art work: a performance, Signal Talk at Van Ha Gallery, Helsinki 1983, with Tremulators.


She is working with site related installations, video and performances that often incorporate sound as a carrying element. Over the last years she has been occupied with multi source sound installations as well as site related projects focusing on sound in public space.Austeen focuses on sound both as medium in art and as a phenomena in society. She blends documentary material, pop, science and extended vocal elements into pieces of strong associative and stractal expressions.


In 1999 Siri and Søssa Jørgensen (see BallongMagasinet) founded Buckle Bunnies,

a performance band producing videos and home spun Country & Western music about life and art.

Since 1983-91 she was the lead singer n the experimental rock-band Tremulators.They had a large production of music, videos, film music, CD (D’but records) and performances in Scandinavia and Europe.

She preformed with Camilla Wærenskjold as Mental Morfose 1986-88, a unshaved supportband for Holy Toy. Siri published a solo project: Tutti Contro Maggie on cassette in 1986.


Last exhibitions (selection)

• Display Exchange Moabit2, cooperation with Stefan Schröder, Kurt-Kurt, Berlin 2008

• Heard life, solo exhibition, Trøndelag senter for samtidskunst 2008

• Høstutstillingen Oslo - Trondheim 2007

• Land, cooperation with Bea Otto, Art Cologne, Germany, 2007

• Heard Life, solo exhibition, Nordnorsk Kunstnersenter, Svolvær 2007

• The idea of North, Galleri F15, Moss 2005

• Songs from Misuk, solo exhibition, Galleri F15, Moss 2004

• Borders, Buckle Bunnies tour, Kola peninsula, Russia 2004









Heard Life, exhibition in Svolvær 2007



Field recording in Lofoten 2006



Stills from Foura grenen, nettbased art project 2006



Mycelium Melody, Buckle Bunnies, Lillehammer 2003



Audiomobiles, sound installations in cars 1996-2001



Signal Talk, my first performance with Tremulators, Helsinki 1983

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