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Tamar Guimarães

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Tamar Guimarães Tamar Guimarães

B. in Belo Horizonte, Brazil. Lives and works in Copenhagen and Malmö.

Fine Art BA, Goldsmiths College, London (2002)

Fine Art MA, Malmö Art Academy (2007).

Working with sound since 1999.


I borrow methodological approaches from documentary and historiography in my work, but I deal with archival material as flexible and constantly moving matter, rather than static truths.


I work with scripted voice-overs and environmental sound, and this reflects longstanding influences from film and literature.


In collaboration with Jee Eun Kim, I have organized collective reading events, where different literary sources were inserted into one another, creating multiple entries and exits to a text.


I work collaboratively and alone, with film, video, drawings and text and have exhibited in Europe, Latin America and Asia. Currently, I am co-organizing events in a small flat in Copenhagen, the latest being ‘A preliminary outline of the history of disco music with special emphasis on its socio-economic aspects’- a vinyl performance-lecture by the Swedish artist Olof Olsson.

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