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Ylva Q Arkvik

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Ylva Q. Arkvik, born in October 1961, is a Swedish composer. She lives mainly in Stockholm where she finished her studies for Diploma in composition at the Royal College of Music.


She has written pieces for a lot of different instruments and groups such as orchestra, string quartet, choir, percussion and electro-acoustics. She has also worked with stage music, a chamber opera ”Solitario” with 5 singers, 14 instruments and electroacoustics and theatre music ”Dona nobis pacem” and a short opera piece for the Vadstena Academy, “Du får inte gå”, which is about what happened at the 11:th of September 2001. Recently she finished a piece for the Swedish Radio for orchestra, mixed choir, electronics and two singers based on a text of the Swedish poet and writer Eva Runefelt.


”The music is in the color of water - it can be transparent and weak, almost frail but also marin and bottomless blue-black and in between intensivly blue-greyish. Like she, as a composer, dwells in the eye of the storm. A calm is always there, but all the time surrounded by movement, strictly legible or like a faint hint. I think about Ylvas music as a horizon. A distant horizon closing up, and suddenly transformed from untouchable, unseizable substance to a strange yet firm landscape. And in this musical nature rises groupes of flora and fauna. Flaming bunches of the drawn out stillness, obstinate thin plants spiring up. A cellos dark bowing or the animallike puls of a saxophone - around my poetry in an operalibretto it is closing up, painting a room of strange growth. (E.Runefelt)”.


Ylva Q Arkvik likes to work with artists from different fields such as dance, sculpture and poetry. She has had a great deal of co-working with the choreographer and dancer Caroline Östberg from Sweden who has commissioned quite a few pieces of Ylva Q.

Her first sound art piece is ”Clou” for tape, finished in 1995.

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